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What are the factors affecting the market of new charcoal machine?

At present, charcoal machine is a very popular environmental protection equipment on the market. It can produce energy-saving, environmental protection and reusable new energy - mechanism charcoal. But for the users who invest in new charcoal machine, what impact will its development on the market be?

The price of charcoal is affected by the seasonal environment. For example, in winter and summer charcoal prices will be higher than usual, because these two seasons are the use of charcoal season, so the price of charcoal is relatively higher. Prices in autumn and spring are relatively low.

Secondly, affected by the price factor of the new type of charcoal machine, the main raw material for making charcoal machine is steel, good steel can stop the new type of charcoal machine equipment. The new charcoal machine generally has a higher price when the steel price is high. Because of the higher cost, the price of charcoal is higher, whereas the price of charcoal is lower.

Carbonization is an important link in the production of machine-made charcoal. There are many carbonization methods, which can be divided into two categories: internal combustion method and dry distillation method. But the carbonization process requirements are different, carbonization temperature should be 550 - 600 degrees, early temperature should be slow to proceed, soil kiln should be 15 hours, machine kiln for 2 - 3 hours, early heating time is long, can prevent raw material rod moisture, cracking, to ensure carbonization quality.

The mechanism of charcoal carbonization is closely related to the raw material bar. Generally, the density of raw material rods should be greater than 1. Simple detection method is: take a section of formed raw material rod into the water, the ratio of sinking in water is greater than 1, the floating ratio is less than 1, the density of specific gravity is higher, the quality of charcoal produced is good.

After the charcoal is fired, it should first ventilate, then produce carbon to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. The charcoal from the kiln should be placed outside the kiln for more than 8 hours, so as to prevent the resurgence and fire.

There are also factors that can affect the price of charcoal machinery charcoal there is a different level of consumption around, resulting in different prices of charcoal, and good quality charcoal machinery quality, the price will be higher.



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