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The charcoal machine has effectively relieved the tight supply of charcoal.

Machine-made carbon is a kind of man-made carbon made from agricultural and forestry residues by extrusion and carbonization in a charcoal machine. The utility model has the advantages of long combustion time, vigorous firework, smoke-free, tasteless, and no explosion phenomenon in the combustion process. At the same time, the physical and chemical indexes of artificial charcoal are better than that of natural combustion charcoal. With the deepening of reform and opening up, China's industrial carbon is increasing, in order to protect forestry resources, it is now prohibited to burn wood charcoal, charcoal-based products, manufacturers are mostly in a state of suspension or semi-suspension. After the charcoal machine entered the society, it effectively alleviated the tense situation of charcoal supply.

Charcoal machine products sell widely: a medium-sized industrial silicon plant needs more than 10,000 tons of carbon per year, do activated carbon, silicon carbide, crystalline silicon, insulation materials, and smelters need a lot of charcoal. In recent years, charcoal has been in short supply, and export volume is increasing. The economic benefits of artificial carbon are considerable, and all profits can be obtained without any miscellaneous expenses. If the addition of charcoal products - wood tar income, will achieve greater economic benefits. The equipment can be put into production after the plant is connected to the power plant, and it can be sold after 5 days. The speed of success is unmatched by other projects. The raw materials for charcoal production by charcoal machine are sawdust, rice husk, bamboo husk, peanut husk, sunflower husk, branch, crop straw and so on. These raw materials are large in quantity and low in price, so they have a bright future.



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