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The role of charcoal machine equipment in agriculture

The charcoal machine produced by charcoal machine has great effect in agriculture. The following are embodied in the following:

1. Raising ground temperature.

After applying the charcoal powder produced by the charcoal machine in the soil, the black charcoal particles can absorb solar heat, which can raise the soil temperature by several degrees Celsius and promote seed germination. In particular, it can promote germination of seeds which are not easy to germinate and improve germination rate.

2. Improved soil

Applying charcoal powder in the soil can form rhizosphere fungi on the surface of charcoal, thus forming agricultural soil suitable for plant cultivation, avoiding the so-called "continuous cultivation obstacles"; and charcoal can improve the growth, color and taste of cereals, beans and vegetables.

3. Keep soil moisture.

When the relative humidity is above 50%, charcoal can quickly absorb about 20% of the water, which can be used to maintain soil moisture. At the same time, it can improve the soil permeability and drainage, and provide a good living space for microorganisms beneficial to plants.

4. Slow release agent for pesticides or fertilizers

The adsorption capacity of charcoal is used to keep the pesticide and organic fertilizer content in a balanced state, which can make the pesticide or fertilizer release slowly, keep a considerable time, and is not easy to lose with the rain.

In addition, charcoal can also change soil acidity and alkalinity, increase soil C02 content, adsorb harmful metals in the soil, improve soil microbial activity and so on. In short, the role is very large, so the future development of charcoal machine is very large.



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