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The embodiment of the benefits brought by the new charcoal machine

The raw materials used in the charcoal production mechanism of Jinhe Machinery are waste plant materials, such as sawdust, tree branches, rice husks, bamboo chips, peanut hulls, sunflower seed hulls, furfural residue, wine residue, bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee residue and crop stalks in the South and north. Using these raw materials to produce charcoal is of great economic benefit. What is the specific performance of the new charcoal machine?

1. It has the characteristics of short carbonization period and high yield.

2, reduce the pollution caused by straw burning to the environment, and promote the coordination of environmental protection and economy. It will bring tremendous benefits to the adjustment of agricultural structure and the increase of farmers'income, and conform to the current situation of agricultural food security production.

3. It can greatly improve the full utilization of biomass energy, accelerate the industrialization of carbonization of straw, promote the deep processing of straw industry, add a new way to the deep processing of straw industry, develop a new project and speed up the industrial restructuring.

4. The biomass carbon blocks produced are the main raw materials for the carbon industry, the fast-burning biomass carbon products and the clean briquette products.

5. Different raw materials (rice husk, cotton stalk, corn stalk, corncob, saw foam, fruit branch, cow dung, etc.) can be put into a kiln and carbonized at the same time, which changes the technology that the diameter of the trunk should not be less than 6 cm when burning charcoal, and the trunk with different thickness can not be burned together.

6. At the same time of carbonization, the separation and recovery of biomass tar and acetic acid liquor have changed the low environmental protection level of existing carbonization process, resulting in secondary pollution of flue gas and tar.

7. Oxygen-controlled carbonization process was adopted in carbonization, which changed the existing carbonization process of oxygen-cut, braising and drying. The present technology and production cycle of carbonization by steaming and drying are too long, production is difficult to control and product yield is low.

8. Improve the process execution rate and quality standards, shorten the carbonization cycle, a single set of equipment 8-10 hours can be carbonized more than 2 tons, compared with the existing drying and carbonization 168 hours shorten the carbonization time by 20 times.

9. Deep processing can produce a series of carbon, quick burning biochar and clean briquette. Fuel and gas power generation.



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