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The whole operation process of a charcoal machine using branches as raw materials

In fact, there are many kinds of charcoal machine equipment, investors do not necessarily understand that branches are often seen in daily life, can it be used as raw materials? Can it make charcoal? Many people are not clear about this, Jinhe here tells you that branches can be used to make charcoal, and use it as raw materials for the mechanism of charcoal quality is very good. What is the whole process of its operation?

1. The branches and forestry wastes are crushed into granules within 10MM by a pulverizer as a spare.

2. Pulverized particles are dried by drying machine, so that the particles are dried to about 12% of the moisture content.

3. Put the dried particles into the rod making machine and shape them by high temperature and pressure. The carbon is a rod-like half-finished product with hollow core.

4, put the semi-finished hollow rod into the carbonizing furnace and carbonized at high temperature, and become finished charcoal.

Above is the use of tree branches as raw materials in the charcoal machine production process, it is made of carbon, density, small volume, good flammability, very fireproof, can replace wood and coal, a very wide range of uses.

If you want to invest in charcoal machine manufacturers, you can take raw materials to Gongyi Jinhe Machinery Factory to test the machine free of charge, on-site teaching, you must be satisfied with the return. Welcome the guidance of new and old friends.



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