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High voltage static smoke removal device

  • High voltage static smoke removal device
  • High voltage static smoke removal device
High voltage static smoke removal deviceHigh voltage static smoke removal device

High voltage static smoke removal device

Gongyi JHJ machinery factory production of high-voltage electrostatic smoke precipitator has been applied in the sudden fire in the factory, its purification effect can reach exhaust pipe directly without smoke, waste gas emissions of each ingredient treatment concentration standards have been testing by the relevant units, and in the treatment of industrial waste gas containing dust cleaning are used.

Operating principle of high voltage electrostatic eliminator:

Waste flue gas under the action of negative pressure, to enter the first level filter (cyclone dispersive, mainly eliminate smoke and coke grains, removal rate > 85%), large particles has been removed, after entering the heat pipe heat exchanger (heat pipe heat superconducting element, facilitate the flue gas temperature fell rapidly and ensure the waste flue gas temperature from 600 ℃ to 200 ℃ below, if the flue gas temperature is below 200 ℃, don't use heat pipe heat exchanger), heat recycled or used as air preheating, the introduction of floor heave hot air heating furnace, 10-15%, and can save fuel or used as a heater and hot water, heating and shower with, since waste flue gas temperature has been down to 105 ℃ above the dew point temperature, after induced draft fan, using the dynamic pressure head of waste gas into the high-pressure BaoMian combination device (SSTL), under the effect of strong alkaline water vortex, make the exhaust smoke, dust, sulfur, carbon, nitrate holding mix static affinity adsorption one by one by one by one and other physical and chemical process, make comprehensive product separation, and then enter the separator to smoke prevention and dust control thoroughly desulphurization and decarbonization, nitrate, tar removal, to ensure reach environmental protection level of emission standards. Gas water after upper separator dehydration unit, water by intercepting, into the bottom of the separator, smoke, dust, sulfur, carbon, nitrate, tar content after separation into consists of circular pool, pool of water use to conserve water, using soda water to absorb S02, using lime flocculation precipitation, make stable gas governance.

After the smoke into the high pressure jet grouting body, under the special BaoMian nozzle of a set of pressure, smoke flow as a strong rotation work, more venturi mixed more evenly and more effective, small head loss, and the smoke flow has a strong role, when the smoke flow after leaving the rotary spray cabinet, tangential enters the separator, drum separator with center, smoke, dust, sulfur, carbon, nitrate and impurities in under the action of centrifugal force, form a comprehensive product, together with the water discharge. At the same time, a gas water separator is arranged on the upper part of the separator to separate the water vapor and finally enter the chimney to achieve the purpose of desulphurization and decarbonization.

In consideration of economic operation, carbon, sulfur and nitric acid were used to neutralize the reaction by using the double alkali method [na2co3-ca (0H)2], and the decarburization, desulfurization and denitration rate of > 98%.

The basic characteristics of high - voltage electrostatic eliminator:

1. The process adopts heat pipe technology, which solves the temperature reduction of flue gas, ensures the system does not fire, does not expand, does not show dew, and creates conditions for dust removal and dust removal in the later stage. The recovered heat can be used to heat the bottom of the furnace and save the fuel by 10 to 15%, which has high economic benefits.

2. The process adopts dry method and wet method to eliminate smoke and dust, give full play to their respective advantages, and make sure the safety, stability and operability of governance. .
3, the process set BaoMian, impulse, in a turbulent flow technology, and ensure that smoke, dust, sulfur emissions standards.
4. This process USES a special separator to combine the centrifugal structure with the structure of the gas-water separator to ensure that the purification efficiency and air water are effectively separated.
5, the device on the multistage rotary spray structure adopts special BaoMian nozzle, to ensure that the soot carbon sulfur mixed with alkaline water efficient, thorough neutralization reaction, the sulfur of flue gas in the application of lime as the desulfurizer, absorbed by liquid alkali liquid, won't appear the desulfurization system scaling or congestion, safe and reliable, and sodium alkali and the reaction of sulfur dioxide faster than calcium alkali, prison this when liquid gas is small, the desulfurization efficiency is still high.

6. The device is easy to be managed and repaired, and it has low requirements on the site, and the equipment is coated with anti-corrosion and anti-wear coating, and the service life is long.

7. Due to the high-pressure jet effect (SSTL technology), the negative pressure of the system can be increased by 1500-2000pa, that is, the fan current will be reduced by 10% by 15%, which will have a great power saving effect. With residual heat recovery efficiency, investment can be recovered within 1-1.5 years.


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