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Carbonized machine system is made up of gasifier, flue gas purification system, carbonized machine, cooling machine four equipment composition, all internal parts adopt the special steel, high temperature resistant precious metals durable, not deformation, no oxidation, heat preservation performance is good, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

How the carbonizing machine works:

Carbonizer is material through the gasifier combustion, flue gas, filter the wood tar by flue gas purification system after the smoke gas impurities such as combustion flue gas transmission into carbonizer, reaches a certain temperature, the carbonized machine add need carbonized material, after a pipeline transmission, make the material within the carbonizer burning, because of the carbonized machines is almost closed space, cannot satisfy the requirement of oxygen, make the material inside the carbonizer 800 degrees high temperatures, will not burn to ashes, can only burn into charcoal. In carbonizer flue gas produced by combustion of materials after the processing of flue gas purification, back to the burning within the carbonizer the machine heat continuous operation, to achieve the effect of smokeless, environmental protection and continuous. Finally carbon after cooling machine transmission, cooling, make charcoal out when the temperature is only 50-80 degrees, in the process of carbon in after delivery, because carbon good contact with air, if the material density is big, thick, although on the surface of the halogen-light, there may be Mars in filling material, are also likely to be spontaneous. It is necessary to install mist spray equipment to reduce the secondary cooling of the carbon, so as to completely eliminate the fire source.

Use of carbonization machine:

Carbonized opportunity wood tar and wood vinegar, automatic separation of emissions in the wood tar contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements, is a kind of important chemical raw material, waterproof, shipbuilding industrial paint industry is excellent materials for corrosion resistance to high temperature, can be used in the chemical pharmaceutical raw materials and plant nutrition regulating auxin, have growth effect of plants, and excellent insecticidal.Wood acetic acid can be used in the treatment of food, antiseptic, sterilization and skin diseases.

Characteristics of carbonization machine:

1. Environmental protection: do not cut down trees, use organic waste to produce, turn waste into treasure. The production of common charcoal to cut down trees and destroy the ecological environment.
2. Cleaning and sanitation: flammable, smokeless, anthracite head, combustion without spark, residual ash in the combustion period will not float, ash 3% or 6% will burn after burning.
3. High energy: the fixed carbon content is over 80%, the calorific value is 7500-8000kcal/kg, while the fixed carbon content of the charcoal is low, and the calorific value is about 6500kcal/kg.
4. Low water content, within 5% : ordinary charcoal has large water content.
5. The products are free of chemical substances, non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, long burning time and other advantages.


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